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About us

One of the Most Valuable Listed Companies in China, top 500 manufacturing enterprises in China, and global top 20 enterprises in agricultural chemistry.

The Wynca Group was founded in 1965, went public in September, 2001, and was selected in the list of Most Valuable Listed Companies in China for many years continuously, one of the 500 manufacturing enterprises in China, and one of the global top 20 enterprises in agricultural chemistry. Through the strategy of conglomeration, globalization and branding, Wynca constantly satisfies people’s demands for production and daily life with its global operation network, high quality products and services. The major businesses of Wynca are crop protection products and organic silicon materials, where glyphosate technical material and preparations play a leading role with many other varieties are researched simultaneously, including pesticide and fungicides; based on synthesized organic silicon monomers, a complete organic Si industry chain has been formed from smelting cores, ganister sand processing, monomer synthesis to the final products, generating the four large product series of silicone rubber, silicone oil, silicone resin and silane coupling agent. All of those have contributed to the company’s superiority of whole industrial chain in the industry. The two major series of products of Wynca have been widely applied to agricultural production, biotechnology, aeronautics and astronautics, health care and medication, building materials, electronic and electric industry, and new energy development, with the leading products granted as China Top Brand, Brand with the Most Market Competitiveness, etc. Wynca sticks to the development path with international thinking and its products are marketed among many countries and regions in the world, with subsidiaries established in North America, South America and Africa, which contribute to the stable growth of international brand popularity and market shares.

As a national innovative enterprise, a key high and new technology enterprise and a national pilot creator unit of intellectual property, Wynca has a technological center recognized by the State, a post-doctor research center, provincial enterprise institute and Hangzhou Academician Workstation. It has established a complete set of innovation system and obtained a series of patents and proprietary technologies based on the technological progress. Insisting on the development concept of “green chemistry and sustainable development”, Wynca has not only innovated the chlorine recycling technology for the first time and realized beneficial interaction and coordinative development of the two major businesses as the pioneer of circular economic mode in the industry, but also developed more high quality products to better serve the society and people by sticking to the development path of circular economy, clean production, resource conservation and environment protection.

In the future, Wynca will stick to the mission of “becoming the pioneer and leader of green chemistry” and the corporate spirit of “persistent pursuit and lasting innovation” and strive to develop into a modern well-known enterprise group with international competitiveness and sustainable vitality.

International Business

Contact: Xu qichao
Phone:86 571-64790027
Fax:86 571-64790024
Zip code:311600
Address: no. 1, xin 'an building, jiangbin middle road, jiande city, zhejiang province, China

Group service

Hotline:86 400-102-9991

Domestic business

Contact: Han jianpeng
Phone:86 571-64790026
Fax:86 571-64790024
Zip code:311600
Address: no. 1, xin 'an building, jiangbin middle road, jiande city, zhejiang province, China

Official Accounts

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