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About us

//  Our core values  //

【Customer first】

Customer demand is the starting point and the end point of all our work, the ability to create value for customers is the only measure of our work. Xinan pays attention to the long-term development trend and demand of the customers, and establishes the organization and customization process with the customer as the center, so that the people who can hear the sound of guns can make decisions. Opposition revolves around leadership and against self-centeredness.

【Taking contributors as the foundation】

Build a fair and just evaluation mechanism and incentive mechanism. The banner clearly encourages high performance teams and individuals to select and employ high performance talents who practice core values. The xin to & other; Constantly strive and create value. We should implement differentiated distribution and oppose egalitarianism and formalism.

【The arduous struggle】

Nothing less than the efforts of anyone can succeed. Xinan people are down-to-earth, through unremitting efforts, continuous improvement in the realm and capacity. New security people forge ahead, not afraid of setbacks, always maintain a sense of crisis, always ready to surpass themselves. Against the small rich instant security, against the unprogressive.

【Benefit sharing】

Value co-creation and benefit sharing with employees, mutual achievement with customers, mutual benefit with partners, and competitive development with peers. The new security people take the overall situation into consideration, actively fill positions, positive achievements of internal customers. The new security people think from each other's position, good at department collaboration, happy to share resources. Against departmental standards, against prevarication,

International Business

Contact: Xu qichao
Phone:86 571-64790027
Fax:86 571-64790024
Zip code:311600
Address: no. 1, xin 'an building, jiangbin middle road, jiande city, zhejiang province, China

Group service

Hotline:86 400-102-9991

Domestic business

Contact: Han jianpeng
Phone:86 571-64790026
Fax:86 571-64790024
Zip code:311600
Address: no. 1, xin 'an building, jiangbin middle road, jiande city, zhejiang province, China

Official Accounts

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